How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

White Teeth

Our smile is the first impression at other people. White teeth gives us confidence.

Is important to brush them daily and keep them in good condition. Bright and beautiful teeth are an attractive asset. They built to us self confidence, make us feel natural, and improve the quality of our lives.

Healthy teeth cannot be taken for granted if we do not maintain them properly. If you don’t take care of your teeth, they will lose their brightness and mostly get yellow. This is a most common problem for many people.

There are some natural alternatives which you can use to whiten your teeth and get immediate results.

Why do our teeth get yellow?

A lot of people wonder why their teeth get yellow and lose brightness. This is as a result of many reasons but it’s mostly linked to genetics, smoking, poor dental hygiene, antibiotics use and food. The thing that happens to our teeth is they lose the white protective layer. All teeth have enamel covering which is strong and an outside layer. During our life some dark coloured food or drinks, stain the enamel by causing discoloration. This is something really bad for our teeth because these kind of foods break down the enamel and make it weak. This way they expose the yellow dentin underneath.

Natural remedies of whitening your teeth

Some natural remedies can be quite effective in restoring your teeth’s whiteness and they won’t cost a fortune. Some of them are:

  1. Good dental hygiene
  2. Apple Cider vinegar
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Orange and lemon peels
  5. Healthy foods
  6. Baking soda

Good dental hygiene

It is really important to maintain a proper dental hygiene. Never forget to brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to the bed. You should floss regularly and visit your dentist for any tooth ache.

Good dental hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease and can help you keep your teeth as you get older and lose brightness. You should avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking too much coffee and instead you need to drink more plain water after drinking something staining or acidic to prevent your teeth from getting yellow.

Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar or else known as ACV is considered to be a natural antibiotic which effectively works in whitening teeth. It is also a teeth cleanser which is able to remove stains on the teeth. Studies shows that ACV works for many people with dark stains and nowadays it is seen as a natural teeth whitening product.

By using ACV you will have an immediate result and you will look just like you got your teeth professionally cleaned. The secret of ACV is that it contains potassium, probiotics, acetic acid and enzymes. The role of these compounds is crucial on whitening teeth while using ACV. That’s because they kill germs (very dangerous bacteria) and also they speed up the growth of good bacteria which are known as probiotic bacteria.

It may be surprising but coconut oil is a very effective natural teeth whitener. What you should do is apply coconut oil to your teeth after every brush and you will have great results in a very short period. Simply put a spoon full of coconut oil in your mouth and rinse around teeth and gums for 5-20 minutes, then split out.

Coconut oil is full of antimicrobial properties so its great for protecting and cleaning your gums as well. This kind of oil is a natural therapy, saves and has no bad effects. It is mostly considered to be a preventive therapy.

Lemon and orange peels

Lemon and orange peels contain beneficial acids and also do the trick for whitening teeth. You can use lemon or orange peel on your teeth always by rinsing your mouth afterward to be on the safe side. For best results you should use the hydrogen peroxide, oral rinse formula.

Healthy foods

Many people whiten their teeth with health foods like strawberries. You can simply mash up about four or five strawberries and rub this yummy mixture all over your teeth, then rinse well afterward.

Strawberries contain many beneficial antioxidants that can benefit the health of your teeth. They are not the only ones that keep your teeth looking great, also there are many other healthy foods that can help keep your gums and teeth strong.

We can mention foods high in magnesium, green vegetables, mushrooms, and nuts.

Baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can make a paste that helps remove yellow colour from your teeth. Clinical studies demonstrate that baking soda dentifrices enhanced plaque removal effectiveness of tooth.

Baking soda has a great reduction of plaque while using it. Use this product safely to whiten your teeth and make sure to reach the back of the teeth too. You should be careful though to have enough hydrogen peroxide mixed in with the soda because baking soda is gritty substance.

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