Foods You Should Avoid

Junk Food

Being healthy is closely related to having a healthy diet. Most people are conscious they need to follow a certain diet, but then they find themselves busy with school, work and all everyday issues so they never find time to take care of their body by eating healthy chosen foods.

Best diets are those which include all kinds of foods, but this is not always accurate. That’s because there are some foods which you should never consume. There are foods which can be very delicious but in the same time extremely harmful to our body, causing different diseases and health complications.

It is important to know which are these foods, that is why we are listing some of the most dangerous foods to our organism explaining their harm respectively.

  1. Microwave popcorn

Filled with questionable ingredients, microwave popcorn is considered to be a very harmful food. The main reason why this happens consists on the microwave bags which are coated with nonstick flour chemicals such asfluoroctanoic acid and fluoroctanesulfate, known as chemicals which cause cancer.

But that’s not all! Another concerning about microwave popcorn is diacetyls, which is a false butter flavoring ingredient. When diacetyls is inhaled in a big quantity, its causes can be very serious to our body such as lung disease.

What to do about it?

Next time you want to eat some popcorns use the traditional way. Into a stainless steel pan use some coconut oil (not too much) and wait for your corn to pop. Remove from the pan when the process of popping has stopped and then enjoy your popcorns. You can also use some nutritional garlic powder, yeast and cayenne pepper.

  1. Margarine

I bet you think margarine is healthier than butter and as a result you tend to consume it a big quantity. This is a very bad habit because margarine contains a lot of Tran’s fats which increase your cholesterol.

So consuming margarine can be similar to consuming butter. So the best you can do is use margarine and butter in small quantities or instead start using heart-healthy olive oil.

  1. Factory–farmed meat

Basically, you are what these farmed animals consume, and if they are fed with drugs, hormones and an unnatural diet filled with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, well, that’s not good news for you, either. Here are some facts you should definitely know:

  • A research made on feather testing revealed that there were detected banned antibiotics, pain killers, allergy medications and also depression meds like Prozac on chickens.
  • Feeding poultry arsenic has lead to toxic arsenic in humans.
  • Farm animals have annually bought around 30 million pounds of antibiotics.

Best advice in this case would be to always buy meat from a reliable local source and get informed about how your food is prepared and sourced. This way you can be sure about the quality of your food.

  1. Table salt

The main cause of hypertension is white table salt and even though everyone seems to be informed about it, still more than 95% of restaurants and food bars use it. Manufactures use harvesting ways to strip it off all its natural minerals and add a number of ingredients to dry it to temperatures of about 1200 degrees. So be careful to use salt in a small amount and never exaggerate.

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