How to Have a Healthier Skin

Healthy Skin

Having a healthy skin without acne and wrinkles may be quite difficult sometimes. As there are many types of skin, you often feel confused about the kind of treatment you need to do to protect your skin.

Be smart enough to avoid all kinds of creams which are often advertised to help your skin be in a good condition. They can give you a good impact now, but when you grow older you’ll get their bad impact too in the shape of wrinkles.

There is a natural way to have a healthy skin without using any creams. That’s why we rounded up 7 foods that are beneficial for you and your skin health.


Many studies were conducted in 2012 analyzing the diets of 1264 woman. They discovered that a major consumption of olive oil was related with 31% less signs of aging. According to another conducted study, olive oil resulted to be healthier than others oils including peanut and sundown.

That’s because about 75% of fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids, which are particularly important in the youth boost. Olive oil contains antioxidants which could also harden damaging free radicals.


It may sound weird but yes, tomatoes affect your skin in a very positive way. People who ate a certain quality such as 5 tablespoons of tomato daily were 33% more safe from sunburn compared to people who didn’t consume tomatoes at all.

You might be wondering what’s special about tomatoes to have such a good effect. The antioxidants lycopene which is often higher in cooked tomatoes, improves your skins natural SPF.


Dark chocolate is rich in plant compounds and flavanols which play a role in hydrating skin and enhance circulation. Women who had flavanol cocoa powder drink everyday during 12 weeks managed to experience fewer skin roughness and scaliness than other women. Be careful though not to consume too much dark chocolate as it contains too many calories.


If you consume only 3.5 ounces of sardines, you have basically had 1.5 gram of omega- 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish contains particularly the type of omega-3 named DHA, an anti-inflammatory. In case you didn’t know, inflammation is considered to be the root cause of acne, according to Dr. Wu. So adding sardines to your diet means you’re getting a clearer skin.


The presence of Green Tea in the list is definitely not a surprise. This marvelous tea is beneficial even for having a better skin. In a study which was published in 2011, people who drank green tea daily during 12 weeks resulted to have a more elastic and smoother skin.

They also had one-quarter fewer sun damage if they were exposed to UV light than other people. The secret of green tea actually consists on the bren’s catechism such as EGCG improve blood flow and the deliver of oxygen to the skin, spreading key nutrient to maintain your complexion healthy.


According to a research to the University of Arizona, people who ate peels of orange or lemon had a 33% lowered danger for squamous cell carcinoma. What you should know is that juice or fruit didn’t have any impact, peels only. The compounds discovered in the oil of the peels offered the UV-protective benefits.

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