How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss

It is easier to blame your parents about your balding scalp or thin hair, but not all the causes of hair loss are related with genetics. Might be surprising but your hair fall because of dozens of other factors. It is important to learn why you are losing your hair in order to find a way to prevent it. Hair loss is a common problem that affects the majority of people. Androgenic hair loss is not only seen in men, but its damage is more dramatic in this category.

There are many diseases that you can’t even imagine, which may lead to hair loss, such as: thyroid disease, protein deficiency, anemia, chemotherapy (in case of cancer) and low vitamin levels. A usual form of hair loss can be also alopecia areata, which is created by the autoimmune demolition of hair follicles in certain areas of the skin. They are many ways to prevent this condition but they all consist on regular shampooing, good hair hygiene and good nutrition.

Some common causes of hair loss can be:

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a typical example of physical stress that may lead to hair loss because of its impact on hormones. It causes hair loss only after giving birth to your baby. During pregnancy your hair will actually get stronger and healthier, but after it you will experience hair loss. Don’t worry about losing your hair as it is a normal thing and soon your hair will grow back after a short time.

  1. Overdose of vitamin A

According to American Academy of Dermatology, if you take vitamin A in a quantity that is larger than the one acquired, you probably will experience hair loss. You may also take vitamin A by many supplements and medications which contain it. So be aware not to exaggerate by knowing that our body necessity for this vitamin is 5000 IU (international units) per day for kids over age 4 and adults. If this happens you cannot do anything to reverse the damage. Just wait until the excess vitamin A is halted.

  1. Protein deficiency

Protein is a very important nutrition and its lack on our body may lead to many issues such as hair loss. According to researchers if you are not getting enough protein, your organism will ration protein, causing hair loss or low-hair growth. What you should do is start immediately consuming sources of protein such as eggs, fish and meat.

  1. Male pattern baldness

Around two out of three men by age 60 experience hair loss because of male pattern baldness. This kind of hair loss that is due to a mixture of male sex hormones and genes, usually leaves a M-shaped hairline. What you can do buy any topical creams such as minoxidil or even use oral medications like finasteride. They both will halt hair loss and help some to grow. For those who don’t see any obvious result following this way, there is also the surgery option. It may cost a lot but it’s definitely more effective.

  1. Anemia

The most common type of anemia, which is a widespread disease, is the lack of iron on blood. Almost 1/10 of women from age 20 to 50 suffer from this disease and one of their many issues is hair loss. After doing all the necessary tests which prove that you suffer from anemia, a simple iron supplement will get you back to normally. Other symptoms of this type of anemia may be headache, cold hands and feet, fatigue, peel skin or dizziness.

  1. Lack of vitamin B

According to many studies, vitamin B deficiency can cause hair loss. What you should do is take more vitamin B and one way would be by using oral supplements. There is also another way to take the necessary quantity of vitamin B for our organism. This way consists on making some dietary changes. You should consume foods such as meat, non-citrus fruits, fish and starchy vegetables, that are a good source of vitamin B. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding “bad” fats, is not good only for your health but also for your hair.

  1. Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can also cause hair loss. What happens is that overzealous immune cells fight the hair. Dr. Hammonds says that hair will not grow back in this case of hair loss. If you suffer from this disease, the best would be to have short hair instead of long hair. You might also try a new hairstyle to hide the damage (bald patches).

How to prevent hair loss?

Some important habits that will prevent your hair from falling in general (not if you have a particular disease) are:

  1. Avoid the constantly use of hair dryers

Heat has a very bad impact on your hair as it weakens the hair proteins. Constant drying and heating can cause fragility and brittleness that can lead to hair loss. Natural drying is recommended in this case. Other devices such as hot curlers, hair straighteners and hot brushes have a similar effect. Continually burnt scalps which are due to the usage of these devices can permanently destroy hair follicles.

  1. Limit the use of chemicals and dyes

If you frequently use hair coloring chemicals, serious damage can be done to your hair and this can lead to hair loss. Always color your hair six weeks after the last time.

  1. Never bleach your hair

When you bleach the hair, the natural pigment of them is removed due to chemicals. By bleaching you are changing the structure of the hair and this means they can be damaged easier than before.

  1. Don’t pull your hair too tight

I know you might like some hairstyles which need to have your hair pulled tight, but this can lead to hair loss. The best would be to avoid such hairstyles that can even lead to “traction alopecia”, which is the medical name of losing hair in such way.

Other ways to prevent your hair loss are:

– Don’t use perms

– Choose the adequate shampoo for your type of hair.

– Read the ingredients to get a mild shampoo

– Be gentle when hair brushing

– Avoid hair brushing when your hair is still wet

– A scalp massage always helps

– Have a healthy balanced diet

– Get more iron by consuming foods which are high of it

– Eat enough protein

– Get the right quantity of vitamin C

– Consume foods rich in biotin

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