Causes of Autism


Autism can affect everyone but this disorder, according to all statistics, occurs more often to boys than girls. Girls with autism seem to experience more severe symptoms compared with boys.

Nowadays, more and more children are being diagnosed with this disease and this is becoming a real concern to everyone who gives birth to a baby. They are afraid that their child can get autism by doing the vaccine recommend when their child is one year old. No one can assure that this vaccine causes autism, but neither can anyone deny it with proves.

Experts cannot say yet for sure that one reason or another causes autism. It seems that there are many different reasons such as genetic, biological and biological and environmental factors which combined with each other make it more likely for a child to be affected by this disorder.

However experts strongly believe that the factors which play the major role in developing autism are genes. Recent researchers have discovered that identical twins can be affected by autism more than fraternal twins.

Also in a family who already has a child that suffers from autism, it is more likely that the second child will have the same disorder. Lately experts have realized a connection between autism abnormal genes. They suspect that faulty genes can interact in some kind of way making this person a candidate to be affected by autism. What stimulates these faulty genes to interact are many factors such as viruses, a chemical imbalance or even the absence of oxygen during the birth.

In some cases what can cause autism is:

  • Rubella disorder in a pregnant mother.
  • A common form of intellectual disability, fragile x syndrome.
  • Tuberous Sclerosis
  • Brain inflammation such as Encephalitis
  • Absence of an enzyme that is important to normal metabolism

As I mentioned before there is a new theory that highlights the connection between the use of thimerosal (a preservative based on mercury which is found in some vaccines) and autism. This is the reason why mercury is not used anymore in America for childhood vaccines. However, parents can’t hide they concern about their children vaccination.

Some of them dot make all the recommended vaccines and some make them in another period than the one recommended (usually when their child is older). Both App (American Academy of Pediatrics) and CDCP (Chartes for Disease Control and Prevention) says that autism is not connected with any of recommended vaccines for children.

Environmental chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are potential factors that can cause autism. One the reasons why this disorder is affecting more and more children nowadays, is the fact that such factors are more commonly encountered than before.

How to Diagnose Autism

Autism is easily diagnosed as all children who suffer from this disorder have issues with the way they interact with others, with non-verbal or verbal communication and repetitive interests or behaviors. Autistic children usually do not cuddle, they seem to be nervous and thy avoid eye contact. If you pick them up, they don’t show any anticipation, signs such as smiling. Usually they don’t show any attachments to their parents and they hardly learn new games.

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